Wakeboarding Creates Cumulative Confidence for Vicki Dill

Vicki Dill at Terminus Wake Park

Vicki believes the confidence gained in wakeboarding can be used directly in life. Every time she masters a new trick it inspires her to try something even more extreme. The confidence Vicki builds is cumulative, which is a good thing considering the level at which she’s riding.

Vicki Dill at the Free for AllVicki started riding July 4th, 2011 while she was visiting friends at their lake house in Georgia. Their daughter, Shelby King, was boarding behind the boat and was flipping from wake to wake. After talking to Shelby, Vicki realized the young girl had a similar background to her own, one that included both gymnastics and cheerleading. It was after that conversation when Vicki realized she wanted wakeboarding to become a part of her life, and her obsession has grown ever since.

Global Wakeboard Athlete

Vicki Dill WakeboardingTraveling to cable parks is Vicki’s passion, and she has the passport visas to prove it. She considers Wake Nation Houston and BSR to be her home cables, but she’s been around the nation to ride at Quest, TSR, Hydrous, WakeSport, Cajun X, McCormick’s, and OWC. Of course, her furthest travel is to Republic and CWC in the Philippines. Vicki said it took over 30 hours to get there, but the experience was well worth it.

Helping Others Learn to Wakeboard

Vicki Dill enjoys helping newcomers to the sport of wakeboarding; she knows what it feels like to be a beginner at the cable. Vicki still remembers the agony of getting off the dock, the trials of getting through each turn, and eventually the fear of trying a rail for the first time. She loves the feeling of encouraging others and then watching their enthusiasm for the sport grow. Her advice for anyone interested in the sport is: “Go for it!  It’s the best exercise ever and the people you meet while wakeboarding are friendly, open minded and ready to have fun!”

Vicki Dill Air TrickWakeboarding Competitions

Vicki has been working on spins and she’s proud to say she has mastered backside 3’s off the kickers on both her regular and switch sides. Blind landings were a big goal of hers and now she’s doing them consistently on both sides. Improving her repertoire of tricks and developing a consistent riding style has paid off over the last two years; Vicky participated in the Points Chases Series & Nationals and then last year she also did the final stop of the Triple Crown.

During the Points Chase Series they don’t separate women from men, so it was a tough competition for her. For this interview, she admitted that it does feel great when she’s beaten the guys. According to Vicki, It can be intimidating participating in a sport that is male dominated, but it can also be empowering. She reminds all wakeboarders to avoid measuring success by comparing yourself to others.

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