Wakeboarding – A Moment of Clarity for Louie Moore

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Louie Moore - Operator at Ski RixenLouie Moore started wakeboarding in 2010 when he was seventeen years old. He was first introduced to the sport when his friend had a birthday party at Ski Rixen and he’s been riding ever since. Louie was inspired when he watched his friends Diego Barragan and Marc Shuster flying through the air, and he instantly knew he wanted to do the same tricks. Now, 4 years later, Louie is pulling big air tricks and has picked up great sponsors along the way.

Louie Moore Pulls a RaleyLouie Moore rides because it’s the only thing that truly clears his mind. With the stress and hectic lifestyle of work and school, Louie can always find a moment of clarity when he’s on his wakeboard. Louie also enjoys helping other people get into the sport and teaching others to wakeboard is a big part of his life. He’s been to every cable park in Florida, and has traveled as far as Texas to ride at TSR (New Braunfels, TX). So far, his favorite cable parks are Ski Rixen (Deerfield Beach, FL) and McCormicks (Tampa, FL).

Winter Haven FloridaAlthough Louie prefers riding cable, he rides boat when he gets the opportunity. He really likes Lake Hollingsworth and the smaller lakes in Winter Haven, FL. Winter Haven is a small town and according to Louie, has a “complete feeling of peace”. Whenever Louie visits these small lakes, the water is always flat and the people are always laid back.

Lake Hollingsworth is where Louie rode when he went to Florida Southern College. He would take all of his friends out there just to have a good time and to teach them how to wakeboard. Lake Hollingsworth is a secluded lake; it’s surrounded by the most beautiful trees and the best part is the lake is never crowded.

Louie’s Sponsors

So far, his biggest win in wakeboarding has been landing his job as an operator at Ski Rixen; his flexible schedule lets him get in a maximum amount of boarding time.

Louie Moore While Operating at Ski Rixen