Ski Rixen Event Offers $2,000 Cash to 1st Place Winner

Ski Rixen License to Fly

Ski Rixen is hosting an event this Saturday, July 26th where the first place prize is $2,000 cash. “License to Fly” challenges teams of four to build their own lake worthy craft out of homemade, natural materials. The goal is to impress the judges and spectators by both design and performance.

After a complete inspection by the judges, the teams will take their crafts to the water, along with one captain, in attempt to take flight off a watersports ramp and ride away unscathed.

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Ski Rixen’s Phone Number: 954-429-0215

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, July 26th @ 3:00 PM (signups at 2:30 PM)
  • Cost: $100 per team of 4
  • Prize: First prize is $2,000 cash

License to Fly Will Feature:

  • Live Music by Apollo Jackson & the Noise
  • Delicious Food
  • Games & Prizes by Spy sunglasses

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Ski Rixen’s “License To Fly” Details

Teams will have two hours to build their crafts on-site with materials that have been approved beforehand. Once built, judges will inspect each craft to insure they are built only using the approved materials. Judges will also score teams based on the overall design and appearance of the craft.

Next, teams will have to perform a thirty second skit set to music to entertain the crowd and receive their second score from the judges.

Finally, teams will go to the water, try to take off on the outside ramp, and ride away on their crafts.

The judges’ final score will come from how well the rider performed on the craft. Scores from each section will be totaled up and the team with the highest overall score will receive their Ski Rixen’s Pilots License. Along with the overall “Winner,” there will be other awards for superlatives such as Best Crash, Best Skit, Biggest Failure, and Most Creative. In addition, there will also be a People’s Choice Award that will be given to the favorite team.

Each crew will design their own craft to navigate up to and off of the right kicker. The craft will be made from scratch on site during the two hour build period before the competition. The design must be able to carry one rider from the crew and must be able to float in the water.

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