Diego Barragan – International Wakeboarding Shaman

Ski Rixen, Deerfield Beach
Ski Rixen, Deerfield Beach

Diego has been wakeboarding for 10 years and was originally introduced to the sport by his best friend and pro wakeboarder, Marc Shuster. Diego’s first wakeboard belonged to Marc’s sister, but he’s ridden quite a few boards since then. He considers wakeboarding to be a form of transcendence; when he rides, he has no worries, there is no reality, and the only things that exist are his thoughts, his board and the water.

Diego Barragan & Brenno Fantin – Cablestock 2014

Kiteboarding - Gettin' Lifted
Kiteboarding – Gettin’ Lifted

Diego Barragan devotes time and energy into wakeboarding, yet chases the rush of other extreme sports like skateboarding and surfing. He has recently taken up kiteboarding and during the past year Diego has brought his wakeboarding skills to the kiteboarding scene. He feels a kinship with the two sports and according to Diego, the best part about kiting is that it brings him closer to the most pure element on Earth… the ocean.

Wakeboarding – A Worldwide Sport

Diego, Marc , Lior Sofer, and Barish
Diego, Marc, Lior, & Barish

Diego has traveled to cable parks both near and far. He has been to Turkey, France and Spain. But, his favorite place so far has been the Phillipines. According to Diego, Europe has a culture all its own, but the 1,000 islands of the Philippines have some of the warmest people around.

International Cable Parks


Teleski Nautique Gers – Although the site is written in French, you can still get the vibe that this is a killer cable park. Give them a call at +33 5 62 58 38 21. I can only imagine this would make for an amazing vacation!

Click here to visit the Teleski Nautique Gers website.


Republic Wakepark – This truly unique cable park is located at West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali, 4027 Calamba, Laguna. Go get your passport together and book a wakeboarding trip!

Click here to visit Republic Wakepark website.

Camsur Watersports Complex is also located in the Philippines, and looks like a park we all need to visit. Great obstacles, gorgeous city… I think I need to go check out airfare right now!

Click here to visit Camsur Watersports Complex website.

Diego’s Sponsors

Ski Rixen has sponsored Diego Barragan since he first started competing; it is his home cable and always will be. He also rides for Miami Ski Nautique; they supply him with gear. Another sponsor is Kitesurf, and they provide him with a full arsenal of kites and boards. Deep Blue Sports also supports Diego with Mystic essentials.

Diego’s 2013 Recap produced by Reach Films

A Message From Diego Barragan

Diego - A Wakeboarding Shaman
Diego – A Wakeboarding Shaman

“It has been a long road that has taught me many lessons. Injuries bring about a sense of appreciation for the little things. Traveling and embracing different cultures gives new perspective to the way I view the world around me. Riding since the scene was young to where it is now has shown me the layers of ego any sport can bring upon a person, but it has allowed me to rediscover a peace that reminds me that I ride for myself and nobody else. I love what I do because I practice it with love.

And as for the future, I am currently coaching wakeboard which has helped me stay connected to the sport in a healthy and productive way. It means a lot to be able to pass my knowledge and experience to beginners and upcoming pro shredders.

Learn to Wakeboard!
Learn to Wakeboard!

I will always wakeboard or continue to channel my energy into my kiteboarding and students; it is something that brings balance and peace into my life.”

You connect with Diego on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.