Blaine Buchanan Preps for Pro Wakeboarding

Blaine Buchanan Wakeboarding

Blaine Buchanan has his sights set on the pro wakeboarding circuit; he’s been in multiple amateur competitions and values what he’s learned, but he’s ready to start competing on the professional level. At 17 years old, Blaine has ambitious goals and is working hard to reach them. He believes wakeboarding will continue to grow as more people discover the sport. Blaine wants to be a part of bringing wakeboarding to the world.

Getting Started with Wakeboarding

Blaine Buchanan Jobe WakeboardWhen Blaine was twelve, he was introduced to wakeboarding by his brother, and since then, he’s been hooked. Blaine has been fortunate to travel to many of the cable parks in the United Kingdom, and his favorite international cable park is Liquid Leisure in England.

His home cable is Ski Rixen (Deerfield Beach, FL) and he loves riding at Hexagon Cable (Benson, NC). The furthest he’s ever traveled to wakeboard is Wasserski Sebelian in Germany.

A Source of Inspiration

Blaine Buchanan on the KickerWakeboarding is a source of inspiration in Blaine’s life – it keeps him hungry to improve his skills and become one of the best. He devotes time and energy to training and perfecting his technique; Blaine knows it will pay off.

Favorite Wakeboard Tricks

Blaine’s favorite trick is an Indy cab 900 (or toe Indy 900) and he’s been working hard on landing a toe-side 1080. Riding rails and getting creative with his rail style is Blaine’s passion; he digs getting a good, solid press.

Blaine Buchanan’s Sponsors

Island Water SportsBlaine Buchanan rides for Jobe and currently shreds on the Conflict Wakeboard with Liberty Bindings; he says it’s the best set-up he’s had by far.

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