Barron Donovan Combines Effortless Style with Hardcore Wakeboarding

Barron Wakeboard Grab

You notice something cool about Barron’s riding style, even when he’s far across the lake. He has a laid back, almost casual approach to wakeboarding. But when he catches air, you know he’s for real.

Barron Donovan ProfileBarron was 12 years old when he started wakeboarding way back in 2001. He originally got into the sport as a natural transition from snowboarding; considering the topography of Florida, this was a good decision. He has his parents to thank for initially strapping him on a board, although I doubt they knew at the time that he would go on to become an international wakeboarder.

Wakeboarding in Thailand

It was April, 2013 when Barron impulsively decided to spend a month wakeboaridng in Thailand at Thai Wake Park. One minute he was on the Travelocity website and the next thing he knew, Barron was aboard a 24 hour flight to Thailand.

Barron Rail Slide Thailand

He went solo, and he made mention during the interview that if something happened to him while he was over there, no one would have ever known. Still, he considers the adventure to be one of his best decisions, and he looks back on the journey fondly.

Barron at Thai Wake Park

Barron spends time boarding in the states too. In fact, he’s headed back to Hydrous Wake Park October 1st – 5th for the 2014 National Points Chase Finals at Little Elm. He’s also taken road trips to all of the cables in Florida, and he’s been out to BSR in Texas.

Barron Hits Ramp at Ski RixenAccording to Barron, it’s important for a person to find their own wakeboarding technique without too much of an influence from other people. He developed his unique, natural riding style by doing the same trick over and over until it felt effortless; he emphasized that it is better to master one trick than trying a thousand tricks once.

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