Sean Reyngoudt Wakeboards, Motivates Fellow Amputees

Sean Reyngoudt

Sean Reyngoudt has the type of optimistic outlook on life that I personally strive to embrace. He’s been wakeboarding for over 15 years and has traveled to cable parks across the globe. While hanging out with Sean on a stormy Sunday afternoon, it became quickly clear that he is driven, friendly, and a bad-ass wakeboarder. Oh, and he only has one leg.

Contender in Competitive Wakeboarding

Sean Reyngoudt Profile
Sean Reyngoudt

Sean lost his leg in a work accident when he was 19 years old. 12 years later and Sean has devoted a large portion of his life to being a contender in competitive wakeboarding and kiteboarding. He rides for the love of the sport; Sean also serves as an inspiration for amputees, showing them that life doesn’t end with the loss of a limb. One of the most powerful statements Sean made while we were talking is how he’s inspired when he sees a wakeboarder with only one arm pulling big tricks.

Teaching Others to Wakeboard

Sean Reyngoudt Teaching

Sean loves being able to teach others how to ride for the first time, or helping them master new tricks. He’s motivated by how pumped they get and  it always reminds him of when he began wakeboarding. It pushes him harder when people tell him that he was their inspiration to accomplish a goal. Sean realizes that in wakeboarding and in life, you have to push yourself to get better, whether it’s learning how to pull a raley, or learning how to walk again after losing a limb.

Adaptive Wakeboard Clinic

Sean Reyngoudt Rooftop

Adaptive Wakeboard Clinic
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Sean Reyngoudt is hosting an adaptive wakeboarding clinic on September 27th & 28th. The goal is to provide a venue that showcases the talents of athletes that have encountered limb loss. It’s being held a Ski Rixen (Deerfield Beach, FL).

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