Jason Rich Takes 1st Place at 2014 TSR Cablestock

Jason Rich at TSR Cablestock
Jason Rich at TSR Cablestock

Jason Rich is an up-and-coming wakeboarder from Deerfield Beach, Florida and has been wakeboarding for six years. He originally started when he was 15 because he was being homeschooled and didn’t have much going on. Then he found Ski Rixen and now his life has completely changed.

In the past year Jason Rich has participated in several wakeboarding competitions. He placed 3rd at the 3rd stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown. He is heading to this year’s WPTC first stop in Louisiana. Click here to view the website for the 2014 Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown.

Jason Rich Takes 1st Place
Jason Rich Takes 1st

Jason also placed 1st Overall in the Ski Rixen Pro Points Chase division. But, his biggest win has been this year when he took 1st place in Open Men’s Features and also won 1st place in Cable at 2014 TSR Cablestock. Click here to see the Cablestock results.

Texas Ski Ranch is an amazing cable and boat park located at 6700 IH 35 North New Braunfels, TX 78130. They also have a really great website with photos, event information and more; when you get a chance, check out the TSR site.

Watch the 2014 Cablestock Wakeboard Video

You can follow Jason Rich on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He posts a lot of great pictures and keeps up with his fans. Be sure to check him out.

Steel Lafferty – Pro Wakeboarder Pushing the Sport Forward

The first thing I notice about Steel Lafferty when I read wakeboarding articles about him is that he always thanks his parents for his success. Clearly they did something right, because this young wakeboarder is making it big!

Watch a Video of Steel Lafferty

Steel Lafferty wants to bring the sport of wakeboarding to the world. He isn’t doing it to promote himself, or show off his skills; he wakeboards the way he does to encourage and inspire others to become a part of the sport.

Steel Lafferty's WebsiteHis new website looks really awesome and has great pictures. Plus, it does a good job of connecting all of his social media channels together. Click here to check out Steel Lafferty’s website.

Steel is from Fort Lauderdale and has appeared in the Sun Sentinel; the article discusses how his parents influenced him to get into the sport and goes on to talk about how he wakeboards to push the sport forward. He is on the Liquid Force Team, and has a ton of big name sponsors:

  • MasterCraft
  • Red Bull
  • Kicker
  • Performance Ski and Surf

Check Out Steel Lafferty on Twitter and Facebook.

Harley Clifford is the 2014 Liquid Force Brostock Champion

The annual Liquid Force Wakeboarding Event, BROstock, took place June 5-7 in “Brozarks”, Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Although the weather forced the 2014 Brostock event to be cancelled one day early, it was still outrageous! I’ve only been able to witness this annual wakeboarding event from the Brostock Twitter Feed and online articles, but after this year, the need for a “Traveling Wakeboard Vacation” just might have to coincide with the 2015 event.

Shane Bonifay, Harley Clifford, and Bob Soven and 23 other wakeboarders were competing for over $30,000. After some intense competition, the winner was Harley Clifford! Click here to see all of the athletes that competed at Brostock.

Harley Clifford

Twitter: @harleyclifford

Born: 9/14/1993

Home Town: Redland Bay

Home Lake: Lake Holden

Video from the 2013 Brostock Event

2014 Liquid Force Brostock Sponsors

  • Monster Energy
  • Axis Wake Research
  • Spy Optic
  • GoPro
  • New Era Cap
  • Alliance Wakeboard Magazine
  • Rockwell
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Ethika
  • Sanuk
  • Sun Bum

Click here to see the official Liquid Force recap of the event (photos and results).

Shaun Murray and His 2014 Hyperlite Wakeboard

Shaun Murray was born in 1976 and first started water skiing in 1984. Since then he has become an icon in the sport of wakeboarding. His first World Championship was in 1998 and has won many titles since then. From what I read on Shaun Murray’s website, he’s a family man and truly enjoys what he does.

Watch the 2014 Hyperlite Video of Shaun Murray

Shaun continues to be a strong figure in the sport and has coached many places. He previously ran a wakeboard camp, The Boarding School, with Travis Moye. According to Mile High Wakeboard’s Website, Shaun Murray has conducted wakeboarding workshops at their wakeboarding park in Colorado. What is cool is that Shaun continues to give back to the wakeboarding community through coaching.

Click Here to go to The Shaun Murray Website
Follow Shaun Murray on Twitter

Shaun Murray’s Sponsors

  • Hyperlite
  • Nautique
  • Fox
  • JetPilot
  • and More

Julian Cohen Shreds in this Wakeboarding Video Shot at OWC

Julian Cohen is a killer wakeboarder to follow – he travels the globe for the sport! After watching a few videos, I am really impressed with his style, especially on the rails. In this video at Orlando Watersports Complex (his home cable), you’ll notice how much he presses… which I think is cool. Don’t get me wrong… this guy gets boosted big time on the ramps too. I should be able to name all the tricks he’s doing, but I can’t… all I know is that they rock.

According to Julian’s Facebook Page, he was in Israel on May 5th and then went to Cablestock hosted at the Texas Ski Ranch May 8th – 11th. I think it’s freakin’ awesome that he’s a globe trotter like that… it really shows that the sport has made it big time.

I haven’t made it to the Texas Ski Ranch, but after checking out their website, I am definitely going to have to make a trip out there! They host a lot of events and the cable looks top-notch.


Amber Wing – Pro Wakeboarding Champion

I love participating in a sport where women really kick some butt. Amber Wing is originally from Sydney, Australia and has been wakeboarding ever since an early retirement from gymnastics at the age of 17. Amber has become one of the world’s best wakeboarders and she continues to push the sport forward.

Amber’s Accomplishments:

  • 5x U.S. National Champion (2013, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007)
  • 2x World Champion (2007, 2003)
  • 2x Queen of Wake (2011, 2013)
  • First Ever Women’s 900
  • First Women’s Double Flip
  • 2011: World Cup Champion – China

Amber Wing’s Sponsors

Amber is definitely an inspiration to all of us, but especially is an inspiration for girls; she has made a successful career doing what she loves and proves that woman can accomplish any goal they set their mind to.

Amber Wing – Sets in Motion by Oakley

Connect with Amber Wing

Amber is really active on social networks. Check her out when you get a chance.

Wakeboarding World Series in Nova Lima, Brazil – May 6th, 2014

One of the reasons I love wakeboarding is that it is truly an international sport. On May 6th, 2014 the World Wakeboard Association (WWA) hosted a major event in Nova Lima, Brazil. The competition featured a MasterCraft X-Star pulling the riders. Although USA dominated the podium, there were a lot of strong competitors present.

Final Results from the WWA World Series Brazil:

  • Phillip Soven USA
  • JD Webb USA
  • Austin Hair USA
  • Danny Thollander USA

Phillip Soven Video from 2013

JD Webb Video from 2013

Wake Nation – A Killer Cable Park in Fairfield Ohio

Wake Nation Wakeboard Cable Park

I haven’t been yet, but Wake Nation gives me a terrific reason to visit Ohio! From the looks of their photos, they have a five pulley system and a collection of cool obstacles. Their website is great, and you can tell they are active with blogging about wakeboarding and they are always posting new pictures and information.

Wake Nation Cincinnati, OhioWake Nation also participate in an Annual Points Chase Qualifier and the top wakeboarders move on to compete in the National Points Chase Finals being held at Hydrous Wake Park. Click here for more information.

I especially like when cable parks have a beginner lake; this lets new people get acquainted with the sport of wakeboarding. I can remember feeling a little intimidated when I was first starting out and the people in front of me were doing raleys. I think more and more cable parks will start building beginner lakes to encourage new people to join the sport.

Wake Nation Location

201 Joe Nuxhall Way (Joyce Park) 
Fairfield, OH 45014

View Address on Google Maps

Website: http://wakenationcincinnati.com/

Phone: (513) 887-9253

Wake Nation Virtual Tour:

Wake Nation Fairfield Ohio



Miami Watersports Complex

Miami Watersports ComplexMWC, Miami Watersports Complex is coming soon, and everyone in south Florida is excited. They already provide boat sessions at this park, but a cable system is coming soon (Anticipated date of 2014)

What’s really awesome about this new park is that they have coaches available, whether you are a beginner or are trying to improve your advanced skills.

Click here to go to their website.

Give them a call at 305-476-(WAKE) 9253

Their address is:

Amelia Earhart Park
401 E 65 Street
Hialeah, FL 33013