Olivia Pease – A Sweet Kid with Mad Wakeboarding Skills

Olivia Pease Hits Ramp

Olivia PeaseOlivia Pease initially presents herself with a soft-spoken sophistication, but the moment the cable hanger loads her rope, it’s easy to see that she is a radical, stylish and talented wakeboarder.

When Olivia is wakeboarding, all of the stress of the world is washed away. She feels like she can live in the present moment because when she rides, all her worries disappear. This zen-like state has has served her well… Olivia just won the National Junior Women’s Wakeboarding Championship.

National Wakeboarding Championship

This is Just the Beginning

Now that she has this major win under her belt, she plans on competing more often, mostly because it inspires her to see other people riding at such a high level. These are amazing results, especially for someone that just started wakeboarding two years ago at the 2.0 at Brownstone Park in Connecticut.

2013 National Points Chase

points-chaseOlivia started competing nationally through the Ski Rixen 2013 National Points Chase. She was invited to join the NPC team by an advanced team wakeboarder, Brock Zager. However, this meant flying to Florida while school was still in session in order to complete throughout the 4 weeks of qualifying competition. Olivia had only 7 months of wakeboard experience when she went on to compete in Orlando, but she finished 6th in the Novice division.

Pushing Wakeboarding Further

Olivia is currently working at Ski Rixen where she coaches new riders and helps keep the pro shop running smoothly. Although she’s not an operator, she likes the idea of one day running the cable, especially since she’s never seen a girl operate at any of the cable parks she’s been to. Regardless, it may be hard for her to find the time as it appears that her wakeboarding career is beginning to take off.

Olivia Pease Riding the Rail

Olivia gets a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping other people learn how to wakeboard. This is important in the wakeboarding community, and especially at cable parks where it can be challenging to initially master the process. She gets a rush out of seeing someone make it because of her coaching. Her favorite part is when they come back to thank her for helping get them into such an exciting sport.

A Diverse Athlete

Practice Wakeboarding on the TrampolineOlivia Pease is a diverse athlete; not only is she a strong wakeboarder, she is also an avid gymnast. To stay fit during the long Connecticut offseason, Olivia practices on the trampoline with a Voda Push training flex-board. She also does indoor pole vaulting, which explains why she has no fear of big air. Olivia has also participated in Trapeze at the Fearless Flyers Academy.


  • Jobe
  • Ski Rixen

Olivia has been recently accepted as a USA rider for JOBE water sports. She participated in the Jobe Warrior Demonstration held at Ski Rixen USA in July with Yonel Cohen, Mark Schuster, and Jason Rich. She also participated in the online JOBE Warrior “Claim your Cable” event. Olivia loves her new JOBE Hera board and bindings.

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