Marc Shuster Brings Business Savvy to Wakeboarding

Marc Shuster on Tube at Ski Rixen

Marc Shuster started wakeboarding in 2003 at the age 13 after first experiencing the sport at Camp Pinewood Summer Camp in North Carolina. He fell in love immediately and became dedicated even though he didn’t have access to a boat and didn’t know anyone to ride with. Fortunately there was a cable wake park nearby in Deerfield Beach – Ski Rixen.

Marc Shuster Hits the Kicker at Ski RixenMarc started riding cable with Diego Shaw, Sascha Peschl, Donald Shelbrick, Rob Mapp, Jimmy Lariche and many other great riders which led to the group collectively progressing. The group of guys constantly pushed themselves in an attempt to “one up your bud”.

Marc started competing in local events and  his success prompted him to travel nationally and internationally. Marc won his first big title in 2005 as Boys World Champion in Budapest, Hungary. From there, he was National Champion for a few years and remained in the top 10 in the Wake Park World Series for 4 years.

Marc has been graced with the opportunity to travel to the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, South Africa and many other amazing places. Throughout these adventures he has formed lifetime friendships and encountered things that has made him into the person he is today.

At this time Marc is focusing on gaining exposure and developing business opportunities in attempt to differentiate himself and establish value in the wakeboarding community. His aim is to be integrated in all facets to help grow the sport of cable wakeboarding. Marc considers cable parks to be in their infancy stage and need to be pushed in the right direction to ensure success for everyone.

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