Julian Cohen Shreds in this Wakeboarding Video Shot at OWC

Julian Cohen is a killer wakeboarder to follow – he travels the globe for the sport! After watching a few videos, I am really impressed with his style, especially on the rails. In this video at Orlando Watersports Complex (his home cable), you’ll notice how much he presses… which I think is cool. Don’t get me wrong… this guy gets boosted big time on the ramps too. I should be able to name all the tricks he’s doing, but I can’t… all I know is that they rock.

According to Julian’s Facebook Page, he was inĀ Israel on May 5th and then went to Cablestock hosted at the Texas Ski Ranch May 8th – 11th. I think it’s freakin’ awesome that he’s a globe trotter like that… it really shows that the sport has made it big time.

I haven’t made it to the Texas Ski Ranch, but after checking out their website, I am definitely going to have to make a trip out there! They host a lot of events and the cable looks top-notch.