Steel Lafferty – Pro Wakeboarder Pushing the Sport Forward

The first thing I notice about Steel Lafferty when I read wakeboarding articles about him is that he always thanks his parents for his success. Clearly they did something right, because this young wakeboarder is making it big!

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Steel Lafferty wants to bring the sport of wakeboarding to the world. He isn’t doing it to promote himself, or show off his skills; he wakeboards the way he does to encourage and inspire others to become a part of the sport.

Steel Lafferty's WebsiteHis new website looks really awesome and has great pictures. Plus, it does a good job of connecting all of his social media channels together. Click here to check out Steel Lafferty’s website.

Steel is from Fort Lauderdale and has appeared in the Sun Sentinel; the article discusses how his parents influenced him to get into the sport and goes on to talk about how he wakeboards to push the sport forward. He is on the Liquid Force Team, and has a ton of big name sponsors:

  • MasterCraft
  • Red Bull
  • Kicker
  • Performance Ski and Surf

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