Developing the Site

The site is coming along nicely now. I already had the layout put together, but converting a standard HTML site into a WordPress theme has proven to be an exciting challenge, although at times it can be a complete pain! Today, I finally got the CarouFredSel plugin to work (the square images sliding across the page on the home screen). Regardless, I’m glad it’s done and now I’m going to finish up the styling so I can get on to what’s important: blogging about wakeboarding!

Setting Up Social Media

I’ve started setting up the social networking profiles for Wakeboarding Today. This blog is going to be a great way to share tips, photos and videos, but it only made sense for me to set up the (somewhat obligatory) profiles on all of the social networking sites. That being said, I hope you like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

Getting Started

Wakeboarding Today is a blog about my experience with the sport of wakeboarding. I’ve been an avid wakeboarder since September 2009 and you can find me at Ski Rixen every weekend. By no means am I a pro; honestly, I’ve leveled off at about the intermediate level and I’m comfortable with my ability. I can hit the ramps and do some tricks, but I’m certainly not pushing myself the same way some of the other riders do. Instead, I want to take this hobby on the road and start hitting cable parks around the country.