A Little Chilly Today

Wakeboarding on a cold day at Ski Rixen
A little chilly at Ski Rixen.

One thing about me as a wakeboarder; I go every weekend. I’ve been boarding in the rain, in the cold, in the wind…Shoot, I’ve been when it’s rainy, cold and windy at the same time. So, today wasn’t that much of an exception. It was a sunny day, about 65 degrees, and the water was a cool 61 degrees; definitely a good day for the full wetsuit.

On days like this I like to stick to the rails; hitting the ramps isn’t as appealing when my hands are kinda numb. But as always, it’s good to get out there. Riding always makes me feel better; partly because of the inherent exercise involved with the sport, but also because of the connection I feel with the board. It must be a similar connection that surfers feel with the ocean.