Revolution Cable Park

Revolution feels like a truly underground cable park, almost as though it’s not supposed to be there. Sure, they have all the permits and such to operate, but it has a clandestine feel, similar I’m sure to what “Pop Up” shops are like in New York. The obstacles appear to be hand made, which gives them a somewhat scary feel. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun, full-featured, five-tower cable park running at 18mph and they have over 10 cool obstacles. They are in Fort Myers, so it’s going to be a long drive for almost everyone, but I highly recommend making the trip. I’ve been there twice and they were friendly and welcoming both times.

My Favorite Obstacle at Revolution Cable
Hitting the “Bloated A-Frame”

My favorite obstacle is a big (bloated) A-Frame located after the 3rd pulley. It’s wide and high and positioned perfectly after the turn. The first time I went, it was a little intimidating to hit it, but the second time, with yet another year of riding under my belt, it was fun.

You certainly don’t want to fall anywhere near the 3rd or 4th turn because you have to either walk a LONG way, or swim across the lake to get back. Other than that, I definitely recommend hitting this park. It doesn’t have the “polished” feel of OWC, but with a sport like wakeboarding, sometimes you’ve got to get rough around the edges.

Revolution Cable Park is located at:
17590 East St.
North Fort Myers, FL
(239) 656-3000
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Revolution’s Website