Julian Cohen Shreds in this Wakeboarding Video Shot at OWC

Julian Cohen is a killer wakeboarder to follow – he travels the globe for the sport! After watching a few videos, I am really impressed with his style, especially on the rails. In this video at Orlando Watersports Complex (his home cable), you’ll notice how much he presses… which I think is cool. Don’t get me wrong… this guy gets boosted big time on the ramps too. I should be able to name all the tricks he’s doing, but I can’t… all I know is that they rock.

According to Julian’s Facebook Page, he was in Israel on May 5th and then went to Cablestock hosted at the Texas Ski Ranch May 8th – 11th. I think it’s freakin’ awesome that he’s a globe trotter like that… it really shows that the sport has made it big time.

I haven’t made it to the Texas Ski Ranch, but after checking out their website, I am definitely going to have to make a trip out there! They host a lot of events and the cable looks top-notch.


Road Trip to OWC

From the OWC website
From the OWC website

Every six months or so, I get an urge to take a road trip up to OWC. Riding the same cable over and over allows me to get to know the lake really well, but doesn’t provide much variety, so on Saturday, March 16th, 2013 my girlfriend and I packed the board up for a quick road trip to Florida’s biggest cable park.

OWC seems to be always improving and changing. Since I was there last, all of their obstacles have been moved and their pro shop has been completely upgraded. The shop looks great, but honestly, I think they have less merchandise than when I was there last. Nevertheless I got myself a cool new HyperLite vest.

Contact OWC

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(407) 251-3100

8615 Florida Rock Road
Orlando, FL
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My favorite obstacle at OWC
My favorite obstacle at OWC

The advanced cable lives up to its name. It’s running at 20mph, which is only 2mph faster than I’m used to at Ski Rixen, but I can feel the difference instantly. Honestly, if I had more time to get used to it, I’d say the faster speed is actually better for hitting the obstacles, but since I only go there once or twice a year, the increase in speed makes me feel like a beginner again. By the end of the day though, I always wind up comfortable on most of the rails and ramps. My favorite new obstacle is the A-Frame right by the dock… sure I bit it a few times, but once I got the hang of it, I loved it.

Where We Stayed

Four Points by Sheraton
Four Points by Sheraton

For this trip we stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton, which was only about 3 miles away from OWC. The hotel is a little older, but has been redone completely. It’s right down the street from Universal, so I’m glad we booked it in advance… and because it’s in such a good location, the $139 a night rate didn’t surprise me. We weren’t in the room much, but it was really nice.

Contact Four Points by Sheraton

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(407) 351-2100

5905 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
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Where We Ate

Emeril's at Orlando CityWalk
Emeril’s at Orlando CityWalk

Saturday night after boarding all day, we went to Emeril’s, which is in the middle of Orlando’s CityWalk. We didn’t have a reservation, so we wound up eating at the kitchen bar, but that proved to be a fun experience. We ordered the somewhat pricey Chef’s Tasting, and the waitress kept bringing out one delicious plate after another… well worth the price.

Contact Emeril’s

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(407) 224-2424

6000 Universal Blvd. Suite #702
Orlando, FL 32819
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Overall, a great trip, and I can’t wait to go back.