Olivia Pease – A Sweet Kid with Mad Wakeboarding Skills

Olivia Pease Hits Ramp

Olivia PeaseOlivia Pease initially presents herself with a soft-spoken sophistication, but the moment the cable hanger loads her rope, it’s easy to see that she is a radical, stylish and talented wakeboarder.

When Olivia is wakeboarding, all of the stress of the world is washed away. She feels like she can live in the present moment because when she rides, all her worries disappear. This zen-like state has has served her well… Olivia just won the National Junior Women’s Wakeboarding Championship.

National Wakeboarding Championship

This is Just the Beginning

Now that she has this major win under her belt, she plans on competing more often, mostly because it inspires her to see other people riding at such a high level. These are amazing results, especially for someone that just started wakeboarding two years ago at the 2.0 at Brownstone Park in Connecticut.

2013 National Points Chase

points-chaseOlivia started competing nationally through the Ski Rixen 2013 National Points Chase. She was invited to join the NPC team by an advanced team wakeboarder, Brock Zager. However, this meant flying to Florida while school was still in session in order to complete throughout the 4 weeks of qualifying competition. Olivia had only 7 months of wakeboard experience when she went on to compete in Orlando, but she finished 6th in the Novice division.

Pushing Wakeboarding Further

Olivia is currently working at Ski Rixen where she coaches new riders and helps keep the pro shop running smoothly. Although she’s not an operator, she likes the idea of one day running the cable, especially since she’s never seen a girl operate at any of the cable parks she’s been to. Regardless, it may be hard for her to find the time as it appears that her wakeboarding career is beginning to take off.

Olivia Pease Riding the Rail

Olivia gets a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping other people learn how to wakeboard. This is important in the wakeboarding community, and especially at cable parks where it can be challenging to initially master the process. She gets a rush out of seeing someone make it because of her coaching. Her favorite part is when they come back to thank her for helping get them into such an exciting sport.

A Diverse Athlete

Practice Wakeboarding on the TrampolineOlivia Pease is a diverse athlete; not only is she a strong wakeboarder, she is also an avid gymnast. To stay fit during the long Connecticut offseason, Olivia practices on the trampoline with a Voda Push training flex-board. She also does indoor pole vaulting, which explains why she has no fear of big air. Olivia has also participated in Trapeze at the Fearless Flyers Academy.


  • Jobe
  • Ski Rixen

Olivia has been recently accepted as a USA rider for JOBE water sports. She participated in the Jobe Warrior Demonstration held at Ski Rixen USA in July with Yonel Cohen, Mark Schuster, and Jason Rich. She also participated in the online JOBE Warrior “Claim your Cable” event. Olivia loves her new JOBE Hera board and bindings.

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Barron Donovan Combines Effortless Style with Hardcore Wakeboarding

Barron Wakeboard Grab

You notice something cool about Barron’s riding style, even when he’s far across the lake. He has a laid back, almost casual approach to wakeboarding. But when he catches air, you know he’s for real.

Barron Donovan ProfileBarron was 12 years old when he started wakeboarding way back in 2001. He originally got into the sport as a natural transition from snowboarding; considering the topography of Florida, this was a good decision. He has his parents to thank for initially strapping him on a board, although I doubt they knew at the time that he would go on to become an international wakeboarder.

Wakeboarding in Thailand

It was April, 2013 when Barron impulsively decided to spend a month wakeboaridng in Thailand at Thai Wake Park. One minute he was on the Travelocity website and the next thing he knew, Barron was aboard a 24 hour flight to Thailand.

Barron Rail Slide Thailand

He went solo, and he made mention during the interview that if something happened to him while he was over there, no one would have ever known. Still, he considers the adventure to be one of his best decisions, and he looks back on the journey fondly.

Barron at Thai Wake Park

Barron spends time boarding in the states too. In fact, he’s headed back to Hydrous Wake Park October 1st – 5th for the 2014 National Points Chase Finals at Little Elm. He’s also taken road trips to all of the cables in Florida, and he’s been out to BSR in Texas.

Barron Hits Ramp at Ski RixenAccording to Barron, it’s important for a person to find their own wakeboarding technique without too much of an influence from other people. He developed his unique, natural riding style by doing the same trick over and over until it felt effortless; he emphasized that it is better to master one trick than trying a thousand tricks once.

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Sean Reyngoudt Wakeboards, Motivates Fellow Amputees

Sean Reyngoudt

Sean Reyngoudt has the type of optimistic outlook on life that I personally strive to embrace. He’s been wakeboarding for over 15 years and has traveled to cable parks across the globe. While hanging out with Sean on a stormy Sunday afternoon, it became quickly clear that he is driven, friendly, and a bad-ass wakeboarder. Oh, and he only has one leg.

Contender in Competitive Wakeboarding

Sean Reyngoudt Profile
Sean Reyngoudt

Sean lost his leg in a work accident when he was 19 years old. 12 years later and Sean has devoted a large portion of his life to being a contender in competitive wakeboarding and kiteboarding. He rides for the love of the sport; Sean also serves as an inspiration for amputees, showing them that life doesn’t end with the loss of a limb. One of the most powerful statements Sean made while we were talking is how he’s inspired when he sees a wakeboarder with only one arm pulling big tricks.

Teaching Others to Wakeboard

Sean Reyngoudt Teaching

Sean loves being able to teach others how to ride for the first time, or helping them master new tricks. He’s motivated by how pumped they get and  it always reminds him of when he began wakeboarding. It pushes him harder when people tell him that he was their inspiration to accomplish a goal. Sean realizes that in wakeboarding and in life, you have to push yourself to get better, whether it’s learning how to pull a raley, or learning how to walk again after losing a limb.

Adaptive Wakeboard Clinic

Sean Reyngoudt Rooftop

Adaptive Wakeboard Clinic
Click to View Flyer

Sean Reyngoudt is hosting an adaptive wakeboarding clinic on September 27th & 28th. The goal is to provide a venue that showcases the talents of athletes that have encountered limb loss. It’s being held a Ski Rixen (Deerfield Beach, FL).

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Blaine Buchanan Preps for Pro Wakeboarding

Blaine Buchanan Wakeboarding

Blaine Buchanan has his sights set on the pro wakeboarding circuit; he’s been in multiple amateur competitions and values what he’s learned, but he’s ready to start competing on the professional level. At 17 years old, Blaine has ambitious goals and is working hard to reach them. He believes wakeboarding will continue to grow as more people discover the sport. Blaine wants to be a part of bringing wakeboarding to the world.

Getting Started with Wakeboarding

Blaine Buchanan Jobe WakeboardWhen Blaine was twelve, he was introduced to wakeboarding by his brother, and since then, he’s been hooked. Blaine has been fortunate to travel to many of the cable parks in the United Kingdom, and his favorite international cable park is Liquid Leisure in England.

His home cable is Ski Rixen (Deerfield Beach, FL) and he loves riding at Hexagon Cable (Benson, NC). The furthest he’s ever traveled to wakeboard is Wasserski Sebelian in Germany.

A Source of Inspiration

Blaine Buchanan on the KickerWakeboarding is a source of inspiration in Blaine’s life – it keeps him hungry to improve his skills and become one of the best. He devotes time and energy to training and perfecting his technique; Blaine knows it will pay off.

Favorite Wakeboard Tricks

Blaine’s favorite trick is an Indy cab 900 (or toe Indy 900) and he’s been working hard on landing a toe-side 1080. Riding rails and getting creative with his rail style is Blaine’s passion; he digs getting a good, solid press.

Blaine Buchanan’s Sponsors

Island Water SportsBlaine Buchanan rides for Jobe and currently shreds on the Conflict Wakeboard with Liberty Bindings; he says it’s the best set-up he’s had by far.

Full Sponsor List

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Wakeboarding Creates Cumulative Confidence for Vicki Dill

Vicki Dill at Terminus Wake Park

Vicki believes the confidence gained in wakeboarding can be used directly in life. Every time she masters a new trick it inspires her to try something even more extreme. The confidence Vicki builds is cumulative, which is a good thing considering the level at which she’s riding.

Vicki Dill at the Free for AllVicki started riding July 4th, 2011 while she was visiting friends at their lake house in Georgia. Their daughter, Shelby King, was boarding behind the boat and was flipping from wake to wake. After talking to Shelby, Vicki realized the young girl had a similar background to her own, one that included both gymnastics and cheerleading. It was after that conversation when Vicki realized she wanted wakeboarding to become a part of her life, and her obsession has grown ever since.

Global Wakeboard Athlete

Vicki Dill WakeboardingTraveling to cable parks is Vicki’s passion, and she has the passport visas to prove it. She considers Wake Nation Houston and BSR to be her home cables, but she’s been around the nation to ride at Quest, TSR, Hydrous, WakeSport, Cajun X, McCormick’s, and OWC. Of course, her furthest travel is to Republic and CWC in the Philippines. Vicki said it took over 30 hours to get there, but the experience was well worth it.

Helping Others Learn to Wakeboard

Vicki Dill enjoys helping newcomers to the sport of wakeboarding; she knows what it feels like to be a beginner at the cable. Vicki still remembers the agony of getting off the dock, the trials of getting through each turn, and eventually the fear of trying a rail for the first time. She loves the feeling of encouraging others and then watching their enthusiasm for the sport grow. Her advice for anyone interested in the sport is: “Go for it!  It’s the best exercise ever and the people you meet while wakeboarding are friendly, open minded and ready to have fun!”

Vicki Dill Air TrickWakeboarding Competitions

Vicki has been working on spins and she’s proud to say she has mastered backside 3’s off the kickers on both her regular and switch sides. Blind landings were a big goal of hers and now she’s doing them consistently on both sides. Improving her repertoire of tricks and developing a consistent riding style has paid off over the last two years; Vicky participated in the Points Chases Series & Nationals and then last year she also did the final stop of the Triple Crown.

During the Points Chase Series they don’t separate women from men, so it was a tough competition for her. For this interview, she admitted that it does feel great when she’s beaten the guys. According to Vicki, It can be intimidating participating in a sport that is male dominated, but it can also be empowering. She reminds all wakeboarders to avoid measuring success by comparing yourself to others.

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Ski Rixen Event Offers $2,000 Cash to 1st Place Winner

Ski Rixen License to Fly

Ski Rixen is hosting an event this Saturday, July 26th where the first place prize is $2,000 cash. “License to Fly” challenges teams of four to build their own lake worthy craft out of homemade, natural materials. The goal is to impress the judges and spectators by both design and performance.

After a complete inspection by the judges, the teams will take their crafts to the water, along with one captain, in attempt to take flight off a watersports ramp and ride away unscathed.

Click Here to Register for the Event

Ski Rixen’s Phone Number: 954-429-0215

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, July 26th @ 3:00 PM (signups at 2:30 PM)
  • Cost: $100 per team of 4
  • Prize: First prize is $2,000 cash

License to Fly Will Feature:

  • Live Music by Apollo Jackson & the Noise
  • Delicious Food
  • Games & Prizes by Spy sunglasses

Click Here to go to the Spy Optics Website

Ski Rixen’s “License To Fly” Details

Teams will have two hours to build their crafts on-site with materials that have been approved beforehand. Once built, judges will inspect each craft to insure they are built only using the approved materials. Judges will also score teams based on the overall design and appearance of the craft.

Next, teams will have to perform a thirty second skit set to music to entertain the crowd and receive their second score from the judges.

Finally, teams will go to the water, try to take off on the outside ramp, and ride away on their crafts.

The judges’ final score will come from how well the rider performed on the craft. Scores from each section will be totaled up and the team with the highest overall score will receive their Ski Rixen’s Pilots License. Along with the overall “Winner,” there will be other awards for superlatives such as Best Crash, Best Skit, Biggest Failure, and Most Creative. In addition, there will also be a People’s Choice Award that will be given to the favorite team.

Each crew will design their own craft to navigate up to and off of the right kicker. The craft will be made from scratch on site during the two hour build period before the competition. The design must be able to carry one rider from the crew and must be able to float in the water.

Flyer for Ski Rixen License to Fly


Wakeboarding – A Moment of Clarity for Louie Moore

Louie Moore Nose Press

Louie Moore - Operator at Ski RixenLouie Moore started wakeboarding in 2010 when he was seventeen years old. He was first introduced to the sport when his friend had a birthday party at Ski Rixen and he’s been riding ever since. Louie was inspired when he watched his friends Diego Barragan and Marc Shuster flying through the air, and he instantly knew he wanted to do the same tricks. Now, 4 years later, Louie is pulling big air tricks and has picked up great sponsors along the way.

Louie Moore Pulls a RaleyLouie Moore rides because it’s the only thing that truly clears his mind. With the stress and hectic lifestyle of work and school, Louie can always find a moment of clarity when he’s on his wakeboard. Louie also enjoys helping other people get into the sport and teaching others to wakeboard is a big part of his life. He’s been to every cable park in Florida, and has traveled as far as Texas to ride at TSR (New Braunfels, TX). So far, his favorite cable parks are Ski Rixen (Deerfield Beach, FL) and McCormicks (Tampa, FL).

Winter Haven FloridaAlthough Louie prefers riding cable, he rides boat when he gets the opportunity. He really likes Lake Hollingsworth and the smaller lakes in Winter Haven, FL. Winter Haven is a small town and according to Louie, has a “complete feeling of peace”. Whenever Louie visits these small lakes, the water is always flat and the people are always laid back.

Lake Hollingsworth is where Louie rode when he went to Florida Southern College. He would take all of his friends out there just to have a good time and to teach them how to wakeboard. Lake Hollingsworth is a secluded lake; it’s surrounded by the most beautiful trees and the best part is the lake is never crowded.

Louie’s Sponsors

So far, his biggest win in wakeboarding has been landing his job as an operator at Ski Rixen; his flexible schedule lets him get in a maximum amount of boarding time.

Louie Moore While Operating at Ski Rixen


Marc Shuster Brings Business Savvy to Wakeboarding

Marc Shuster on Tube at Ski Rixen

Marc Shuster started wakeboarding in 2003 at the age 13 after first experiencing the sport at Camp Pinewood Summer Camp in North Carolina. He fell in love immediately and became dedicated even though he didn’t have access to a boat and didn’t know anyone to ride with. Fortunately there was a cable wake park nearby in Deerfield Beach – Ski Rixen.

Marc Shuster Hits the Kicker at Ski RixenMarc started riding cable with Diego Shaw, Sascha Peschl, Donald Shelbrick, Rob Mapp, Jimmy Lariche and many other great riders which led to the group collectively progressing. The group of guys constantly pushed themselves in an attempt to “one up your bud”.

Marc started competing in local events and  his success prompted him to travel nationally and internationally. Marc won his first big title in 2005 as Boys World Champion in Budapest, Hungary. From there, he was National Champion for a few years and remained in the top 10 in the Wake Park World Series for 4 years.

Marc has been graced with the opportunity to travel to the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, South Africa and many other amazing places. Throughout these adventures he has formed lifetime friendships and encountered things that has made him into the person he is today.

At this time Marc is focusing on gaining exposure and developing business opportunities in attempt to differentiate himself and establish value in the wakeboarding community. His aim is to be integrated in all facets to help grow the sport of cable wakeboarding. Marc considers cable parks to be in their infancy stage and need to be pushed in the right direction to ensure success for everyone.

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The Wakeboarding Community Rallies Together for Brad Smeele

Brad Smeele Ronix Cover PhotoBrad Smeele, one of wakeboardings most admired athletes, has suffered a serious neck injury while pushing the sport he loves to the next level. He seriously injured his C4 vertebrae and is in critical condition. Everyone needs to send their thoughts to this young man and his family during this difficult time.

According to his close friend, Jeff Weatherall, he has amazing surgeons looking out after him. Even the Red Bull Doctors from the Wings for Life unit have been on the scene to offer their assistance.

Offer Your Support to Brad Smeele

Give a Little – Donate to Brad and His Family

Attend a Fundraiser at The Other Bar in Orlando

Stay informed about Brad’s progress by reading Jeff Weatherall’s Facebook page.

Fundraiser for Brad Smeele at The Other Bar

Diego Barragan – International Wakeboarding Shaman

Ski Rixen, Deerfield Beach
Ski Rixen, Deerfield Beach

Diego has been wakeboarding for 10 years and was originally introduced to the sport by his best friend and pro wakeboarder, Marc Shuster. Diego’s first wakeboard belonged to Marc’s sister, but he’s ridden quite a few boards since then. He considers wakeboarding to be a form of transcendence; when he rides, he has no worries, there is no reality, and the only things that exist are his thoughts, his board and the water.

Diego Barragan & Brenno Fantin – Cablestock 2014

Kiteboarding - Gettin' Lifted
Kiteboarding – Gettin’ Lifted

Diego Barragan devotes time and energy into wakeboarding, yet chases the rush of other extreme sports like skateboarding and surfing. He has recently taken up kiteboarding and during the past year Diego has brought his wakeboarding skills to the kiteboarding scene. He feels a kinship with the two sports and according to Diego, the best part about kiting is that it brings him closer to the most pure element on Earth… the ocean.

Wakeboarding – A Worldwide Sport

Diego, Marc , Lior Sofer, and Barish
Diego, Marc, Lior, & Barish

Diego has traveled to cable parks both near and far. He has been to Turkey, France and Spain. But, his favorite place so far has been the Phillipines. According to Diego, Europe has a culture all its own, but the 1,000 islands of the Philippines have some of the warmest people around.

International Cable Parks


Teleski Nautique Gers – Although the site is written in French, you can still get the vibe that this is a killer cable park. Give them a call at +33 5 62 58 38 21. I can only imagine this would make for an amazing vacation!

Click here to visit the Teleski Nautique Gers website.


Republic Wakepark – This truly unique cable park is located at West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali, 4027 Calamba, Laguna. Go get your passport together and book a wakeboarding trip!

Click here to visit Republic Wakepark website.

Camsur Watersports Complex is also located in the Philippines, and looks like a park we all need to visit. Great obstacles, gorgeous city… I think I need to go check out airfare right now!

Click here to visit Camsur Watersports Complex website.

Diego’s Sponsors

Ski Rixen has sponsored Diego Barragan since he first started competing; it is his home cable and always will be. He also rides for Miami Ski Nautique; they supply him with gear. Another sponsor is Kitesurf, and they provide him with a full arsenal of kites and boards. Deep Blue Sports also supports Diego with Mystic essentials.

Diego’s 2013 Recap produced by Reach Films

A Message From Diego Barragan

Diego - A Wakeboarding Shaman
Diego – A Wakeboarding Shaman

“It has been a long road that has taught me many lessons. Injuries bring about a sense of appreciation for the little things. Traveling and embracing different cultures gives new perspective to the way I view the world around me. Riding since the scene was young to where it is now has shown me the layers of ego any sport can bring upon a person, but it has allowed me to rediscover a peace that reminds me that I ride for myself and nobody else. I love what I do because I practice it with love.

And as for the future, I am currently coaching wakeboard which has helped me stay connected to the sport in a healthy and productive way. It means a lot to be able to pass my knowledge and experience to beginners and upcoming pro shredders.

Learn to Wakeboard!
Learn to Wakeboard!

I will always wakeboard or continue to channel my energy into my kiteboarding and students; it is something that brings balance and peace into my life.”

You connect with Diego on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.